A dynamic Christian institution committed to quality and excellent education

To provide relevant, quality, and holistic education for the pursuit of academic excellence and the development of the total well-being of individuals in society.

* To perpetuate the Christian heritage of the school as a church- related institution maintaining an ecumenical stance.
* To develop the spiritual, intellectual, physical, moral, economic, social, and political well- being of the students through relevant
qualityeducation in a Christian atmosphere.
* To demonstrate Christian love by reaching and participating in society building through community service.
* To promote research for the advancement of knowledge.
* To develop self-sufficiency and sustainability through production, enterprise and resource generation development.

Webpage: http://filamer.edu.ph/

Name: Expedito A. Seneres
Title: President
Email: fcc@ns.roxas-online.net.ph
Phone: 63-36-621-0471
Fax: 63-36-621-3075
Address: Filamer Christian University
Roxas City, 5800, Philippines